Barriers people face in online education

Online Degree Programs Face Barriers to Success

In an ideal world, everyone should have a longer attention span and open schedules, but unfortunately, it isn’t so. Even though online education has made life easier, most people find it difficult to have an amazing learning experience. Here are some of the barriers that stop online learners:

Getting the right devices

For many people, knowing the specifications of computer, brand of computer and where to buy the computer is often a challenge. Some are not even sure if they should buy a desktop or a laptop. Since different things appeal to different people and what works for Mr. A might not work for Mr. B, it is best to look for electronic gadgets stores reviews on You will see the experiences of other people who have bought devices for online courses, what they bought and how it worked for them. You will find situations relevant to yours and know what to opt for.

Little tech experience

Not all online learners know how to use technology proficiently. Besides the fact that they don’t have much tech experience, they have also been sold in on the misconception that online education is only for tech-savvy people. However, this isn’t true. Even if it were, the use of technology can be learned. It doesn’t have to necessarily be an innate ability. You don’t need advanced technical skills to have an amazing e-learning experience. Also, there are lots of tutorials you can learn from.

Creating a balance

Online education can only be interesting if there is a perfect balance between challenging and not too difficult. If it is very easy, learners will likely become bored and disengage from the learning process. If it is too difficult, they will become tired and frustrated. Therefore, online course creators have to make adequate research about their audience to determine the perfect level of complexity for them. They don’t have to struggle through the course, neither do they have to feel less accomplished. With more opportunities to monitor their progress, they will be motivated to give their all.

Inadequate support

This is another major barrier to online education. Most tutors just breeze through the program and don’t give room for feedback, and not all among those who do use the feedback. They have a preexisting belief that students will always find their way around and can access the diverse materials on the internet if they need more information. While this works for some students, others need ongoing assistance to be able to cope. If this isn’t available, then the online course is pointless in the first place.

No involvement from other learners

While some people can be high-flyers alone, some need a community before they can be one. As such, online education that gives no thought to an online learning community is not helping most students. As such, students tend to get bored and disengage from the experience. However, this barrier can be overcome when adequate community involvement facilities are put in place. For instance, social media groups can be created. Tutors can also give assignments that require collaboration with other learners.

Learner boredom

It is difficult to sit with educational content because the brain has to think as you are learning, which is likely to make it tired. However, this barrier shouldn’t be enough to push you out of the eLearning experience. You can overcome it by knowing and liking your lecturers, breaking learning cycles into moderate chunks so that you can relax after watching some parts, etc. Ultimately, you need to be disciplined and try to learn at your own pace, using the learning method that works for you.

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