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Italy's Treasures: Maria Montessori 1870 - 1952 | ITALY Magazine

Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was Italy’s first female physician and a youngsters’s training pioneer. My encounter with the Montessori technique of training grew out of an article on education that I wrote as a part of my “Resurgent India” sequence just a few years again. I used to be invited to visit the Sri Ramacharan Belief in Chennai, a local NGO that had introduced the Montessori technique in Company colleges in the area. When I visited a range of classrooms – some conventional, some Montessori – in a authorities school in Saidapet, I used to be truly amazed by the stark contrast.

Working with an EVS volunteer offers us the opportunity to get into touch with another European tradition first-handedly. Youngsters, parents and academics immediately deal with the differences in language ad tradition that the volunteer represents. Discovering a Montessori early childhood centre or school is simple via our member …

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